The Left Turn Only Regulars

 We are an integrated content agency synthesizing publishing, production and technical platform development into a wide variety of service solutions that are custom built to address our client’s needs today and stay scalable and flexible for the future.

Sara Cashman Pearce, Lead Developer & Technical Project Manager

10 years a mathematician and 5 years a programmer, Sara brings a multi-disciplinary approach to technical execution across platforms. A full stack developer, statistician, marketing systems expert, and project manager, she connects and builds custom systems for highly specific business needs. Sara tends to work in React, jQuery, PHP/Wordpress, Python, MySQL and Postgres.


Charles Pearce, Lead Designer & Management Support

Charles is a creative and disciplined problem solver for visual communications producing rich, engaging multimedia solutions for clients, businesses, and agencies. He directs Left Turn Only, as well as works with professional partners to envision high-quality media solutions executed in a team oriented process that produces purpose driven and creatively significant media assets. 8 years in the creative industries, Charles has worked for brands such as MTV, Adult Swim, Accenture, SXSW, and Marvel Comics.

Charles Pearce || Art Director

Alex Chod, Creative Designer & Audio Engineer

Alex is a forward thinking innovator who quickly twists trends to attract and delight. Alex synthesizes a trained ear for sound, keen eye for details and smooth presence that can take an abstract idea and bring it to life in a way you never thought of and are left asking for more. A musician for 15 years, video editor and graphic designer for 8 years, Alex has worked with brands such as SXSW, Velocity Credit Union, and Dell.