Fame Parties eStore

Fame Parties eStore with Photography Gallery and Custom Product Designer

Product Genre: eCommerce Store

Technology Tools: WordPress/PHP,MySQL, Woocommerce, jQuery, HTML5, CSS

Team Members: 2 Developers, 1 Intern Developer, 1 Graphic/UX Designer, 1 Project Manager

The Project: Fame Parties had been doing all their website hosting and design using online resources and some family support. They had become frustrated with the limited design and functionality found in Saas products such as Squarespace. They also wanted to have a custom product builder functionality as well as a photo gallery, each with payment portals. Since the website might host up to 500 new images daily, we also had to have an S3 API connection, so as to not fill up the database memory allocation in about a month.

The team also built a customized UX product builder, allowing customers to apply their own images to products to add a personalized touch to increase the ROI of the cards.

The Product: Fame Parties was very interested in a high quality design and high customizability and interested in seeing a great UX on the product designer. We put together a 6 layer solution to get precise UX that let the user swap out images, but only images in a certain layer of the stack, keeping all other layers intact. This was tricky and took about 5 different iterations on the Product Designer until we had our final product.