In the beginning. . .

Welcome visitor! You’ve stumbled upon my blog related to my construction of a data dashboard. I’m doing this because I need an outlet for my coding. I was working at a software company as a web applications developer and was let go in a downsizing right before Christmas (boo!) Since I had become accustomed to programming for hours on end every day, I soon found that the absence of that has been really profound. So as any good developer would do, if there’s nothing to code, create something to code. And so the data dashboard was born.

I’m choosing to create a data dashboard because it’s a perfect marriage of all of my current interests: data representation, UI/UX and interface design, prototyping, d3, and trying to be lazy with WordPress but ultimately making more work for myself (all you WordPress folks know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!)

Without further ado. . . I present to you today’s work. I did a mockup in Balsamiq for what I want the prototype of the dashboard to look like. My plan is to code out this design first and get the d3 to present a placeholder svg file, then once that is stable, I can start generating representations using R and then make this a more feature rich UI.

Below you’ll see my png export from Balsamiq of the prototype.