Left Turn Only Web Server Optimization

Product Genre: Internal Systems Upgrade

Web Technology Tools: Linux, Shared Hosting Platform (1&1), Bash

The Team: 1 Developer, Sara

The Project: Before the redesign I had about 12 sites in 1 hosting server partition. Each was a single WP build. For the redesign I went  through the following steps:
-Assess what was needed for active development and prototyping vs archived data
-Migrate all archive data to Dropbox, delete off server
-Consolidate all design prototyping sites into 1 WordPress Multi-Site
    5 generic build ones
    4 current “in prototyping” projects for clients
-Consolidate all testing sites into 1 WordPress Multi-Site
    pointed at http://sarapearce.net
-Generate 2 free standing, empty WP builds for fast swapping out of backups or testing
This essentially gave me the same number of front ends, but it significantly reduced the size of the backends, it also meant it was easier to maintain for us in the long run.


This gave everyone at Left Turn Only and our partners an ecosystem they could prototype and generate ideas to “see how they look” and I could be completely removed.
For my local environment, I installed VVV and transitioned out of MAMP since my MAMP server had stability issues. I also set up base WordPress instances so I could easily duplicate a new codebase depending on what the new project needed. I have a completely empty base, one with 5 plugins and Beaver Builder, and one with no plugins and is setup with Grunt, Bourbon/Neat and Bones theme.