Megas Manufacturing Sizing Tool

Megas Manufacturing Solar Pump Sizing Tool

Product Genre: Custom App

Technology Tools: Python/Flask, React, Docker, MS Access, Windows 10 VM in VirtualBox

Team Members: 4 Developers, 1 Project Manager

The Project: Megas Manufacturing had been using a MS Access database for years to understand the sizing and pump constraints for their solar powered water pump. They had begun to feel the strain of potential customers calling up and asking for various configurations, using employee time testing out multiple configurations, as a potential sale tried to figure out if the product worked for their situation. Megas decided to convert their MS Access DB with its queries and views in to a web page that potential clients could use to noodle with values to see if the product fit their technical requirements.

The ConversionPreviously, the client had a competitor’s developer look at the dataset in console on the project. This meant that having the data exposed in the front-end posed a security risk to his business. We converted the  existing project to a full stack project with a 75% code rewrite, since the codebase was relatively lightweight and the dataset was static.  We kept the styles and skeleton JSX from the previous project and converted it into a Docker, Postgres, Python/Flask, React stack.