Of SVGs and Directories

So here’s the progress for today. I drew some svg rectangles inside an HTML table just as placeholders for where the data output is supposed to go. Then I started diving into d3 more. I tried to get an example to output for me so I can see how to connect json data into the graph structure for display. The example I have has two large json files that then populate the data for the map. I’m now working on getting the json to be read from a file (like it was in the sample code) but somehow I’m not getting the path correct locally or on the ftp. Guess there’s a problem to solve. I’m trying to recreate this:

My Map Example

Here are some desktop selfies and a snapshot of the html file with the css/js. I might have to put it up on github soon since now I’m up to 146 lines and a couple of files, so screen shots don’t quite work so well anymore. . .

Here’s how it looks today: (no map yet. . . )


Here’s a snip of one of the json files