selectors, github, and sad truths

I got to spend more time coding today than I normally get, so I’m happy to say I fell like some progress was made. Normally, I only get in 30-45 min a day so it gets hard to have any sense of accomplishment. But not today, my friend, today I finished. . . ok, nothing is complete yet.

I got my d3 datadashboard sample up on github and worked on it for a while. Currently nothing shows on the page, but I am sure I’ll figure out why soon. I’m also trying to do version control through github on it now because. .  . the structural damage I’ve done to this site cannot be fixed in any reasonable time frame because I can’t find the cause. SO, I’ll be deleting and rebuilding because I have messed up this theme. If you have tried to click on any of the historical links and found they don’t work, that’s the error I’m trying to fix. I’m pretty sure if anyone has come here they’ve tried to click the historical links and said. . . nope, her links don’t work. sigh. Can’t leave that kinda bug sitting for long. Time has run out. I nuke the theme tonight and rebuild fresh. Next time: version control. I guess they’re called best practices for a reason. . .and now, back to

Here’s a desktop selfie from earlier.