XTech: Staffing SEO Loaded Landing Pages and Custom WP Plugin

XTech SEO focused Landing Pages and Custom WordPress Plugin

Product Genre: Marketing

Web Technology Tools: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML5, jQuery

The Team: 1 Developer, Sara

The Project: Sara created 20 Landing Pages ultimately had the following:

  1. Slug with the name of the city in it
  2. A local phone number (most, not all)
  3. A local address (most, not all)
  4. A banner image of a downtown scene from the town
  5. SEO Title, Description and Keywords
  6. Unique Rich Text Schema Markup including social media links, location info, reviews written in JSON
  7. The text on a given page was relatively unique compared to the other landing pages
  8. A “Lead Intake” form that was custom written by me as an HTML5 form and made into a plugin with a shortcode for easy page duplication and form updates.
  9. A Google Map embed with location identified
  10. Updated Keywords, Titles, and Descriptions for SEO
She also wrote a basic HTML5 form for XTech’s Business Tracking System, so that new leads from the website would generate a form in the Business Tracking System, named Tracker. Half of this work was following Tracker’s API docs, the other half was building out components  in HTML5.
The simple plugin had 3 files, a main.php and 2 template files, suffixed with lg or sm since that was the difference. In the main.php file, it has a function that builds the shortcode with attributes [large/small], depending on if the passed attribute is large or small includes the appropriate static template file, and the form is displayed.