XTech Large Scale Email Campaigns

XTech Large Subscriber List Email Campaigns and List Segmentation

Product Genre: Marketing

Web Technology Tools: SMTP, POP/IMAP, IP handling, list segmentation, data validation tools, multiple ESP (email service providers)

The Team: 1 Developer, Sara

The Project: The focus of the project was finding an affordable, manageable, scalable email service provider for XTech's 15K email contacts. My first choice after research was HyperMail, which handles much larger list sizes, was to eventually build out list segments intelligently for more sophisticated A/B testing and market targeting.


On the surface, HyperMail looked like a great solution to a company in XTech’s position. They can handle large lists, they had a list verification tool, we could buy additional IPs and domains for once we got large. In execution, HyperMail fell short for the resources that XTech had at their disposal. HyperMail needed some really detailed/focused attention to the reputation of the IP address, of which XTech would only purchase 1.


We also built up campaigns on Mad Mimi, AWeber, and Sparkpost as a part of researching and testing out options.